Tell Us About a Change

It's important to remember that your journey with us doesn't end once you've signed your documents. Your estate plan should evolve and change just as your life does, so keeping us updated is essential.

Keeping your estate
plan up-to-date

As with all of our lives, circumstances and family situations can change over time. Forgetting to update your Will can increase the costs of settling your estate, and your wishes might not be carried out as you had hoped.

Staggeringly, research shows that 62% of people haven’t reviewed their Will in over a year, and 29% have left it for more than 5 years!*

This form is for clients to inform us about any changes that may affect their estate planning documents. You are not instructing us by completing it, and we won't change any documents. We may contact you should we think you may benefit from a review appointment.

Examples of changes we need to know about are listed below:

• Moved, purchased, or sold property
• You have married/divorced
• A spouse/partner has passed away
• A significant change in estate value
• A beneficiary/executor is no longer suitable
• Your partner/spouse is now receiving care
• Additional children/grandchildren

If you are unsure if we need to know about the change, we advise you to tell us anyway. Fill in the form below or contact our Support Team on 0800 788 0500 or email us

All information supplied is confidential and will not be shared with any third party. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy. *Wills research commissioned by Royal London, Opinium surveyed 2,000 UK adults in September 2021.