It's important to remember that your journey with us doesn't end once you've signed your documents. Your estate plan should evolve and change just as your life does, so keeping us updated is essential.

Contacting April King

The below form is for clients of April King Legal. If you have had any change in circumstances, which may affect your documents, such as a change in your estate, family situation or wishes, you can let us know using the form below.

Examples of changes we need to know about are listed below:

• Moved, purchased, or sold property
• You have married/divorced
• A spouse/partner has passed away
• A significant change in estate value (increase/decrease)
• A beneficiary/executor is no longer suitable
• Your partner/spouse is now receiving care
• You have had additional children/grandchildren

If you are not sure if we need to know about the change, we would advise you to tell us anyway.

All information supplied is confidential and will not be shared with any third party. We may contact you to discuss your submission. For more information, visit

If you are a couple, please only complete this form once.