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Join the thousands that have successfully protected their estate through our Direct Service, and meet a specialist advisor online from the comfort of your home.

Why should I book a direct appointment?

While it might seem appealing to consult with a 'local firm' for your needs, the unique value we offer through our Direct Service lies in the bespoke protection within April Wills®, which your typical high-street firm will be unable to deliver.

Our direct appointments include a complete estate planning review. We'll explain how we can help you ensure your hard-earned assets stay within the family bloodline—all of this is free of charge and without any obligation to proceed. By using our Direct Service, as thousands have, you're opting for the best protection and advice available, all accessible without the need to leave your home.

How does a direct appointment work?

Our direct appointments allow us to offer our specialist legal services nationwide.

First, we'll arrange an appointment date and time that works best for you. Then, at the agreed time, your advisor will meet you face-to-face online. With our virtual meeting rooms, no pesky downloads or accounts are needed. On the day of your appointment, we'll simply email or text you the link to meet your advisor.

You can use any device with a camera, such as a phone, tablet, or computer. Following a comprehensive discussion of your circumstances and objectives, you'll receive a no-obligation quote for any services that may interest you. This can include April Wills®, Bloodline Protection, Care Home Fee Planning, Grandchild Trusts, and Lasting Power of Attorney.

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