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Exclusively from April King, these Wills establish a new benchmark in personalised estate planning. Tailored to each client’s unique needs, our bespoke Wills offer protection and peace of mind.

Does this sound
familiar to you?...

“We’ve made our Wills, leaving everything to each other first and then to the children.” Sounds reassuring enough, doesn’t it?

These are known as Mirror Wills. But your children could end up with very little - or even nothing at all. This is because traditional Mirror Wills leave a lot to chance. If you’ve already made Mirror Wills or have been thinking about making your first Will, then our jargon-free guide explains all you need to know about our new style April Wills®.

Our clients are often surprised to learn that their standard Mirror Wills made previously with another firm offer little or no guarantees that their children’s inheritance will not pass sideways out of the family bloodline to potential predatory third parties or the Local Authority through future care fees.

Adult Social Care

Future Care Fees

As we age, long-term care costs can become a substantial financial concern for many families.

Even if you need a helping hand at home, the average hourly rate in the UK is between £23 and £34. For example, if you need home care for two hours a day at a rate of £30 per hour, you could be paying around:

  • £420 per week
  • £21,900 a year

The average cost for residential care in 2022 was £800 a week, or £41,600 a year, according to the charity Age UK.

Some individuals may consider transferring their property to their children or into a 'Living Trust' in an effort to avoid paying care fees. However, these 'tactics' can have serious unintended consequences for you and your family and may be regarded as deliberate deprivation of assets.

April Wills® provide a legitimate solution for couples who want to safeguard their assets without resorting to deliberate deprivation.


By crafting two bespoke April Wills®, you can ensure that your property is passed down to your children and grandchildren while still providing for your spouse or partner. The important factor is that couples need to act in advance.

Once one party dies or loses mental capacity, through a stroke, for example, they are no longer in a position to undertake this legitimate and straightforward type of planning. It is, therefore, imperative for couples to act now, even if they may not foresee care fees being an issue.


The Family Bloodline

Many clients tell us that while they may love their son-in-law and daughter-in-law, they are concerned that their child’s inheritance could drift outside the family bloodline if their relationship may one day break down.

One of the major - and often overlooked - drawbacks of a basic Will is the risk of your child experiencing a relationship breakdown after they inherit.

Under a basic Will, their inheritance could be exposed to a divorce settlement, which might effectively cut it in half. This means your carefully accumulated wealth could end up going sideways out of the immediate family bloodline to a former son-in-law or daughter-in-law rather than passing down the bloodline to your children and then grandchildren as you originally intended.


Even if this scenario seems unlikely now, can you be sure that this will still be the case in the years ahead? Once your child inherits, the opportunity to add this protection is lost. In our decades of experience, it’s always better to have a well-thought-out plan from the start to cover all eventualities.

At April King, we offer a practical solution that can shield your children’s inheritance from such risks - our bespoke April Wills®. These new-style Wills provide robust safeguards against unexpected life events, including relationship breakdowns.

They also ring-fence inheritance from creditors or if your child needs care themselves at any point in the future. Bloodline planning through April Wills® is available to couples and individuals, planning to leave inheritance to anyone over the age of 18.


Safeguarding the family bloodline

At April King, our lawyers will look at your individual family circumstances and explain which options would be most suitable for you.


April King Legal offers:

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Your free, no-obligation information pack explains:

tick Why, if you have a spouse/partner, a “Mirror Will” could put your assets at risk.
tick How April Wills® can ensure your estate is inherited by family, not ex-partners or predatory third parties.
tick Avoiding care home fees: How to legally ensure nearly all of your hard-earned assets are not used for care fees.
tick How to nominate in advance someone you trust to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so.

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