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Getting the correct type of Will is vital to securing your family’s future. However, it is a false economy to choose a budget Will that could make them vulnerable to challenges from third parties, which could lead to children receiving very little or even nothing at all.

Cheap Wills often provide little or no protection, meaning the money your family inherits could be lost in various ways, such as if you were to need care, your surviving partner remarries, or your children themselves face a relationship breakdown or financial difficulties.

Protection for Your Bloodline

A significant disadvantage of a basic Will is that your child’s inheritance is at risk of divorce at any point after they inherit. Suppose their former spouse successfully seeks a slice of the pie. In that case, your child’s inheritance might be cut in half, meaning your hard-earned wealth could go to a former son-in-law or daughter-in-law rather than passing down the bloodline to your children and grandchildren as you originally intended.

Our bespoke April Wills® take the guesswork out of this issue – protecting your children’s inheritance from events like failed marriages, financial difficulties and bankruptcies – and helping you ensure that your assets are passed to your children and their children.

Bloodline planning through April Wills® is available to couples and individuals, planning to leave inheritance to anyone over the age of 18.

Future Care Fees

Our clients say to us

“We’ve worked hard and saved all our lives. Why should the Local Authority get it all?”

Care costs for funding long-term care can be your biggest liability. Often, basic Wills don’t take into account future care needs, which can rapidly deplete your estate. April Wills® provides a proactive and legitimate solution to protect your assets from care costs. It is important to prepare and plan for care costs in advance to protect your assets for the future and your family.

Some individuals may consider transferring their property to their children or into a ‘Living Trust‘ to avoid paying care fees. However, these ‘tactics’ can have serious unintended consequences for you and your family and may be regarded as deliberate deprivation of assets.

April Wills® provide a legitimate solution for couples who want to safeguard their assets without resorting to deliberate deprivation.

The Importance of Acting Now

The key to effective estate planning is to act before it’s too late. Couples need to make these decisions while they are both in good health and have the mental capacity to do so. Waiting until care fees become a pressing issue or until one partner is incapacitated can severely limit your options.

April Wills® provide a comprehensive and proactive approach to estate planning. By choosing our bespoke Wills, you are not just creating a Will; you are investing in the future security and well-being of your family. Dont let the allure of a budget Will lead to a false economy that could cost your loved ones dearly.

To learn more about how our bespoke April Wills® can protect your estate and family’s inheritance, call us on 0800 788 0500 or request our free information guide. Let us help you create a Will that offers the comprehensive protection your loved ones deserve.