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New and old logos

Our Heritage and Future

We are pleased to announce and share a glimpse of our new rebrand, which we aim to complete by Summer 2024.

From our humble beginnings in 1991 to the present day, our journey has been marked by continued dedication and innovation.

The above showcases the evolution of our logos over the decades, a testament to our growth and adaptation to an ever-changing legal landscape.

The Direction

Paul King, CEO, shares, “Our new logo is not just a change in design but a symbol of our evolution. It’s modern and streamlined, perfectly encapsulating our comprehensive and approachable style of advice.” 

Introducing a royal blue and gold colour palette in our new brand underscores the reliability, growth, and principles defining April King. These colours mirror our ethos — being a loyal partner throughout our clients and their children’s lives.

Our rebranding is a reaffirmation of our direction. We remain committed to easing the complexity of estate and legacy planning for our new and existing clients,” adds CEO Paul King. As we renew our brand, we reaffirm our role as industry leaders, offering expertise and specialist guidance to ensure our clients’ peace of mind that their hard work is protected for future generations.

Our Promise to You

With decades of experience, dedicated support staff, and a team of expert and regulated advisors, we’ve built a foundation of trust and expertise. As part of our ongoing motto, “We’ll be here today, tomorrow, and any time you need us.” Our pledge reaffirms our commitment to being there for our clients whenever they need us as we continue to serve and guide them through the twists and turns associated with each of our lives.

We invite you to explore our other blogs or request our free information guide to learn more about our services and how we can help you best safeguard what matters most and leave a positive legacy. As we continue to set the standard in estate and legacy law, we look forward to welcoming you in this exciting new chapter.

Current and old logos