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Worried about a son-in-law or daughter-in-law inheriting your wealth?

You may have already made a straightforward Will – or perhaps you keep meaning to make a Will but have yet to get around to it. Either way, your family bloodline could lose out without careful planning.

Bloodline planning through April Wills® can be used by couples, individuals or anyone looking to protect their estate from potential third parties, even if you plan to leave your estate to a sibling, relative or friend.

The Elephant in the Room

Many clients tell us that while they may love their son-in-law and daughter-in-law, they are concerned that their child’s inheritance could drift outside the family bloodline if their relationship may one day break down.

Even if your child and their spouse/partner remain happily married until one of them dies, did you know that the act of a survivor remarrying in England and Wales cancels the existing Will of that survivor? A new future spouse/partner of your son-in-law or daughter-in-law could become next of kin and ultimately benefit from all your years of hard work!

April Wills®

Our clients want certainty, a belt-and-braces approach. They want to know that their Will is structured to allow their children to spend their inheritance but also ultimately benefit their grandchildren.

April King Legal is a leader in proven legal strategies to protect your family bloodline. Our new style, April Wills®, are individually drafted by our specialist regulated estate lawyers and helps protect your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance from divorce, remarriage, or financial difficulties.

How It Works

The word “bloodline” does not appear anywhere in the paperwork or your new April Will®. While your children and their partners are all getting along, no one is any the wiser. Your children are in complete control and free to spend the inheritance as they wish. The difference this time is that when they inherit from you, the funds are placed in a particular rainy-day account for their use only, which could be at their existing bank. So if life changes suddenly, you’ll have made provision for them securely to preserve and protect their inheritance.

Next Steps

For further information on Bloodline Planning and our other bespoke estate planning services, request our complimentary, no-obligation and jargon-free guide here or call us on 0800 788 0500.